I love candles, white wine, feathers, christmas, snow, painting walls, cats, diet coke, fire places, daisies, cooking, not being grown up yet, dancing on my own, breakfast tea, wearing my nails supershort, wiggling my eyebrows, cold days, waking up early, morning dust, walking alone for hours, fashion, birdsong, spring, rainy days, fog, san francisco, water melon



I am sick of socializing!

Today I’ll be an antisocial bitch all day long. I’ll ignore everybody who’s trying to contact me! I just need my day off!  I am sick of socializing! I am sick of always having to laugh about everything…guys not everything is just fun!

Is it sick to have thoughts like this??? Actually I don’t even care-these are my thoughts and I have them in my head-so whatever!?


Temperley London Spring 2012 Details